I WANT TO KILL EVERY HUMAN: Bill Murray Tapes: 7”

Jan 11, 2013

This isn’t noise rock or noisy hardcore. This is just noise, a genre which rarely seems to fare well in this fanzine, but I found it rather intriguing. Both sides are quite similar, each has the long, ambient, droning feedback of two or three indiscernible instruments. It’s layered. On the top of the track is a shrill, harsh, squeal (but not unbearable or ear-piercing for the sake of ear-piercing), it repeats itself as an underlying layer, a sort of melodic drone plays out underneath. It’s oddly pleasant, the two work together to put you into a sort of comforting spell. At times it almost sounds intentional—rather than improvised—noise, giving off the womblike, druggy, downy feel of a My Bloody Valentine or Medicine song. I’ve always respected noise more than I cared to listen to it, so I’m surprised how many times I’ve played this. My only complaint is the project’s name, I Want To Kill Every Human. Its superfluous nihilism conforms to the out-of-touch, I’m-being-bad aesthetics of the noise scene and poorly represents a starkly exquisite couple of tunes.

 –Craven (Self-released)

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