Aug 15, 2006

I Excuse: Early Hüsker Dü by way of Kyoto, mixed in with a healthy appreciation of what’s currently coming out of the Twin Cities. Picture believable desperation, boulder-moving bass and drums, and sharp-edged guitars that shimmer and glaze, all played with a dizzying precision and a ragged-voiced, in-tune singer. Really, the Japanese can badminton our own inventions back over the Pacific and make us feel small and shitty. The Tim Version: These guys break my heart in the best ways. They’re smart. Lyrically, they’re one of the best. They’re sweethearts. They’re drunks. They’re also one of the best barely known bands playing in America today. Their two songs, “Another Reason to Hate Honkeys” and “We’re a Collective Badass,” showcase their range. It’s not often that a band can reach to the bottom of their roots (country and blues), and pull out exciting and wonderful new stuff that’s both dirty on the outside and dripping electricity from the inside. Hell yeah.

–todd (Snuffy Smile)