Sep 09, 2009

Two songs apiece. I Excuse: ruptured, raspy and popping Japanese punk with the dual guitar swirl and battery of Mush-era Leatherface. You have to listen closely to hear the incredible interlock - how the instruments make a big puzzle, and the pieces themselves are interesting and can stand by themselves. I’m a sucker for subliminally complex, surfacely motivated and fast music. You don’t have to notice the layers at first because the songs are instantly recognizable as well structured, but it totally helps add depth to future listens. I’ll play this side a lot. Blazing. Manifesto Jukebox: from Finland are slower and more (polluted) atmospheric, going for a more mid-tempo rock vibe ala early Cult with a knife-inside-the-throat vocalist. Decent. A tad repetitive.

 –todd (Snuffy Smile)

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