I EXCUSE: …Is Dead: CD

Aug 26, 2009

I’ve yet to complain if a band takes Leatherface as their template and lets their own passion fill in the gaps with bits of Hüsker Dü, Chicago-style punk (via Naked Raygun), and element X. What Japan’s I Excuse immediately lack in a sound of their own they more than make up in current vitality and how much this feels like a fresh batch of tunes that are still blooming instead of a dated re-run. Gargling broken glass vocals, guitar and bass that are more tightly woven and wider in breadth than an illegal dragline fishing net, a record that places the drums up in the mix, and articulate pleas for peace from the only country that ever got a nuclear bomb dropped on it are all indications that this is getting a big thumbs up.

 –todd (Snuffy Smile)