I, CRIME: Dove Skin Gloves: 7"

May 21, 2010

I, Crime is a band that would fit in pretty well on a late shift college radio DJ’s show. Boy-girl harmonies and lots of melody. The first song, “Dove Skin Gloves,” is a damaged love/hate song that finally hit me after several listens with what I like to call the X-factor, which is what happens when it takes a lot of spins before you can finally get it and then you like it a lot. (Dubbed the X-factor, due to the fact that such patience is required with any album by X.) In this case, I won’t be able to say that I am crazy over it, but it definitely started to get my attention. The other side, unfortunately, never rose above my radar in that way, but it still was a pretty good song all in all. If there’s anything to be said for this band that makes them stand out, it’s the level of unpretentiousness that the band seems to have. No press release sheet or watered-down accessibility or any of the other indie rock bullshit that bands with a similar sound would often taint themselves with nowadays. This sincerity definitely comes across in their sound.

 –Craven (Woodbridge)