I AM MY OWN STEREOTYPE: THE MY SMALL DIARY COLLECTION: $5, 8½” x 5½” perfect bound, 112 pgs.

In this collection of decades of diary comics from Delaine Derry Green, each entry presented as a one-page highlight reel of recent events in the author/artist’s life. Example: “We went to a combo party: a birthday + a final celebration before Jamie got sent to military prison for pot.” Delaine’s comic perfectly captures the art of the diary comic in that the events she chooses to focus on seem both exciting and commonplace. If one of these things happened to me, it wouldn’t give me pause but because it’s happening to someone else, I am reminded that the everyday is awesome. This collection is great for someone who’s thinking about starting their own diary comic. –Bianca Barragan (etsy.com/shop/delainederry [email protected])