HZERO: Caña Antigua: 12”

May 13, 2011

Had no idea these guys were still around. I have their Dias de Rabia Noches de Furia EP from around 2004, and it’s pretty solid trash with some youth crew influences. They’ve changed the sound slightly on this outing. It’s a bit more rock influenced (you can definitely here some Turbonegro in their sound now), which has erased most of the youth crew elements. But, maybe for the better. The songs are stronger and amid all the speed and hardness, the songs are catchy as hell. Songs like the title track start off in a blinding fury, then throw a changeup that shifts the tempo down a touch and brings the rock elements to the fore. “Volver Cargado” is another ripper on here with a break that hearkens back to the “Apocalypse Dudes.” Pretty good record.

 –M.Avrg (Sell Our Souls, selloursouls.com)

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