Nov 02, 2015

Dude, who needs caffeine when you could just listen to Hyper Tensions? Pop this sweet cassette in the ol’ deck as soon as you crawl out of bed and you’ll be headbanging the morning away as soon as the first chorus hits. An adrenaline shot to your earholes, Hyper Tensions adeptly wield bluesy, Southern rock-stained riffs and lethal drum and bass grooves to melt your ugly little face off. It’s like if Led Zeppelin and Thee Oh Sees had passionate unprotected sex: nine months later the baby stork would deliver this cassette to their doorstep. Welcome to the world, Hyper Tensions—it’s good to have you here. –Simone Carter 

 –guest (Let’s Pretend, [email protected], letspretendrecords.com)

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