HYDEOUTS: Creeps at Night: 7”

I wish there was something that allowed bands to do research to find out if the concept they have stumbled onto has already been used, exhausted even, by bands that came before them. Perhaps if there was a world wide web of information, accessible at the click of a button, the guys in the Hydeouts could have Googled… err, I mean, researched “Rock and Roll Is Dead” and found out that, yes, the idea of a rock band rockin’ out about how rock has kicked the bucket has in fact been played out. That bastard Lenny Kravitz made me sick of the concept. Actually, the lunatic who lived in the apartment above me and blasted Crapvit’s greatest hits over and over for full days at a time is to blame for the fact that I now get completely enraged when I hear the words “Rock and Roll Is Dead.” It’s like I’ve got some weird form of rock and roll PTSD. Now, if the Hydeouts had done a song called “Horror Rock Is Dead,” this whole thing could have been avoided. Awww, I can’t be too hard on these guys. The fact is that the song is good, and they more than redeem themselves on the flipside with “The Creeps at Night,” a monster stomper that totally hits the mark.

 –mp (Creepy Anthem, myspace.com/thehydeouts)