HYBRID MUTANTS: Escape Velocity: CD

For those of you with insufficient science backgrounds, “escape velocity” is technically defined as “distance d between sofa and CD player divided by the time t it takes the listener N to get up, walk over, and hit the stop and eject buttons” – in my case, that’s nine feet eight inches divided by approximately three seconds, or 3.2667 ft./sec. Fascinating. Seriously, though, it cannot bode well for those who fret about the continued viability of organically constructed guitar/bass/drum music when packaging and songtitles (“Cassi-O” “Apollo-1: Fire in the Hole”) make listener N, prior to the actual listening, wonder if he’s been assigned some kinda techno thingus to review, and, after listening, cause listener N to lament that fact that he, in fact, was not. BEST SONG: “Sunsets & Cigarettes,” i guess BEST SONG TITLE: “Cassi-O” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Graphics attributed to one “Heineken Skywalker.” Okay, that rules.

 –norb (LEM)