HUSSY, THE: Stab Me: 7”

Where was this band when I had the misfortune of living in Madison, WI for three years? This insane Madison two-piece with a strange sound and neat-o male/female vocals is prolifically releasing a lot of material of a fairly diverse variety, but all firmly planted in the scummier underbelly of garage punk. The four songs included here are very, very catchy. I’d rather see them team up with at least another bandmate or two, but who am I to step on their toes? The title song is also on their latest LP and they even put together a wacky video for it that is well worth looking up online. Zany, goofy, and a shitload of fun, The Hussy takes all pretension out of the garage punk scene and stabs it in the face.

 –Art Ettinger (Eradicator,