HUSSY, THE: Pagan Hiss: LP

Sep 18, 2013

I think the 10” actually came out before the album, even though the album has a song called “Clothes Mountain Pt. 2.” Sonically, Clothes Mountain sounds like it could have come between The Hussy’s first two albums, Cement Tomb Mind Control and Weed Seizure, stomping fairly straight forward and blown-out. The artwork puts me in a time machine and takes me back to 1997. I don’t know why, exactly. Is it the color scheme? Maybe the Dobermans? “Beanbag” has weird tape shifts and changes that I find disarming, which I’m sure are the band’s intentions. Pagan Hiss continues with the sound layering experiments I first noticed on the Weed Seizure LP. The Hussy continues to mix proto-punk riffage, psych elements, and damn catchy pop-informed tunes. “Rezhand” and “Hate This Town” stand next to “Stab Me” (from Weed Seizure) and “Sexi Ladi” and “Wrong/Right” (from Cement Tomb) as certifiable road trip mix worthy singalong jams. Bobby Hussy is able to wrangle some scorching tones out of his guitar, which makes the band really stand out among its garage/punk/psych peers. I really think they should be on In The Red. Vocals are a little less drowned in reverb than their previous album (not a criticism, just an observation). As great as these records are, The Hussy really should be experienced live.

 –Sal Lucci (Southpaw, / Red Lounge,

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