HUSSY, THE: Cement Tomb Mind Control: LP

Sep 16, 2011

I’ve gone on record as saying that one of the things i will miss least about the 00’s is two-person bands ((ESPECIALLY mixed-gender two-person bands)), but there is enough stuff i like here for me to consider The Hussy as the harbinger of the Next Big Thing ((mixed gender two-person bands, yay!)) as opposed to the last dregs of last Next Big Thing That Was ((mixed gender two-person bands, ick!)). The frequent spatial loneliness my eardrums often feel at the hands of two-person bands is anticipated and often counteracted by fairly frequent guitar/tambourine/etc. overdubs, and the performance and songwriting plows a swank trench somewhere between Shannon & The Clams and what Davila 666 songs might sound like if they were played by a two-person duo consisting of a male guitarist and female drummer ((hmm…no examples come to mind)) and sung in Wisconsinese, in which i am reputedly fluent. I recommend you pick up a copy for personal use; nobody likes someone who’s down with Other People’s Hussy! BEST SONG: “Wrong/Right” BEST SONG TITLE: Maybe “Odd Duck?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The little superscript crosses that are used in place of asterisks on the back cover have been cleverly inverted.

 –Adrian Salas (Slow Fizz)