HURULA: Betongbarn: 12” EP

Sep 17, 2015

Here are four new songs on a 12” and all I can think is, “Man, there’s so much more space for more killer songs!”After that initial let down, I’m able to appreciate these new tunes as a continuation of Robert Hurula’s infectious songwriting. Like their last LP on Deranged, Hurula crafts haunting pop rock with Robert Smith black mascara. The choruses are more driving and repetitive this time around, imbuing a Buzzcock’s power pop vibe. Sadly, synth is noticeably absent, however, the guitars have more room to tremble like a teen’s legs at a talent show. This 12”EP is solid (as it’s simply more Hurula), but the full price of admission isn’t worth the four song tease. Hopefully another full length is around the corner. 

 –Sean Arenas (Deranged,