HUNX AND HIS PUNX: Gay Singles: Cassette

Jul 06, 2010

What if ‘60s girl groups like the Crystals and the Ronnettes were cross dressers and had Johnny Ramone write all their songs? Aside from the timeframes being completely out of whack, you’d pretty much end up with Hunx And His Punx. Their sound isn’t anything incredibly original but the catchiness of the tunes is where the hook meets the mouth. Song themes are mostly about cute boys and heartbreak. Or cute boys and the hearts they break. This was originally released by True Panther Sounds on CD and LP and is great for the tape deck in your car but if you come across it, get the LP for the gratuitous nude picture of our boy Hunx in all his full-frontal glory.

 –Juan Espinosa (Burger)