HUNTERS, RUN!: “Life of Crime” b/w “Oh My Ageless Brother”: 7"

Nov 16, 2010

Besides bearing a name that sounds like it was taken from a country club (minus the punctuation, of course), this New York City band makes adequate alternative pop akin to something I would’ve listened to in the late ‘90s. Of course this would’ve been one of those bands that I was really into but no one else I knew would have even heard of them. The two songs have fine structure and are kept simple in their delivery but still construct a nice summery feeling. The songs include some strings and keys but are primarily driven by the guitar and vocals, as the drums (and bass?) fall into the background. I guess this is part of a series of seven inches they’re doing; I wish I could’ve heard a full-length, however. It may sound pretentious to call it post-pop but, regardless, it seems like it’s up my alley.

 –kurt (