HUNNS, DIE: You Rot Me: CD

Feb 15, 2007

I was excited to see that this was gonna be on my playlist, because I can’t think of any record with Duane Peters that I haven’t liked. Much to my surprise, this was much better than I first anticipated. Yes, it still has much of the sound of a Peters band, but this record takes it to a new level because (dare I say it?) it is a much more mature sound than what I was expecting. And not “mature” in the sense of getting too old to rock properly. I get the feeling that Mr. Peters and Co. have been listening to old Nick Cave records of late…there’s a level of quiet malevolence running through this. In addition, this record has a greater variety of sounds on it; there is standard Hunns anthemic punk rock to be sure, but many of the sounds have a poppier feel to it than I would have expected, and it works brilliantly in this humbler observer’s opinion. And Peters’ snarling vocal antics are not the only showcase here; more time is devoted to the musicianship and vocal harmonies. This record is polished, but not in a slick, over-produced fashion. Great.

 –Eric Carlson (Volcom)