HUNCHES, THE: Yes. No. Shut It: CD

Jul 09, 2009

Okay, by the time you read this they will be well on their way to the success cruise ship commandeered by Jack and Meg White, the fluffy haired members of The Strokes and those Goonies rejects – The Vines. There’s nothing wrong with making it, as long as it’s done on your own terms and you don’t forget where you come from. If you’re reading this and wondering if I am talking about you – then chances are – yes, I am talking about you. The LA Shakedown was a disappointment for the most part; The Hunches and The Mystery Girls made it painfully clear when they packed out the rival Juvee venue while The Garage pandered to a minute Shakedown “crowd.” Pouty lead singer Hart sounds like Jon Spencer on crack, which is a good thing cause Jon Spencer needs to be on crack. Fuck, everyone needs a little crack now and then, since the world is just too damn easy these days! The Hunches brought the bigbeatfuzzdistortioncrazehop and had the kids jumping around like a freshly caught fish gasping and pouncing for water. The kids just went nutz. We saw chicks being literally hurled at Hart and punk rock spikey haired folks jumping onto Silverlake hipster chicks in lowrise pants, I mean the world was just coming down in that room. This record is a dirty little record that makes you wanna wash your ears afterwards – replete with sound bites of children, vacuum solos and enough fuzz to make Guitar Wolf wonder, “what’s their secret?” It’s probably the uncompromising Mike McHugh production. It’s probably safe to say he’s the only producer in Southern California worthy enough to work with raw genius like The Hunches. Get it now before your gay cousin starts getting into it.

 –nam (In the Red)