HUNCHBACK: Pray for Scars: LP

Jul 24, 2008

A friend of mine once said “I don’t like Hunchback—it’s just noise.” Sure enough, that’s exactly why I like Hunchback (in theory). There’re days where I want to listen to something really poppy, or jazz, and sometimes I’m just in the mood for weird, crazy noise. Then again, I can understand Hunchback isn’t for everyone. I like that. It’s easy to give them a listen and assume that they’re just another weird noise band, but I feel like as chaotic as this record can be at times, everything was planned out to a T (I mean, shit, they tracked down Michael Gerald to sing on this, so they’ve obviously got a clear vision on just what they want to do). I’m sure this one will make even the biggest weirdo/art punks scratch their head, from the lengthy/black metal-ish (in an atmospheric way, in my opinion) opener, to when the record actually lightens up a bit—kind of. Mark my words, Hunchback is a band with a plan, and this record is keeping them on the right track.

 –joe (Don Giovanni)