HUMUNGUS: I Hate Motherfucking Cops/A Reason to Care: CD

Jul 10, 2009

Didn’t quite know what to expect from this bad boy. When I see Cheetah Chrome’s name attached to something, I figure, “Okay, Dead Boys vibe coming up,” but you throw Nicki Sicki into the mix and all bets are off. The end result is some raw, obnoxious hardcore not heard since the glory days of the Vats in Frisco. There are a couple of stabs at what I believe are “serious” subjects, such as vegetarianism, which are a little hard to swallow coming from a guy who once sang about destroying the human race, shooting speed, burning his parents, killing a Muni driver, and the like. Still, this is some pretty good stuff tailor made for those assholes that sit around whining that no one plays “real” hardcore anymore. Let them chew on this and hopefully they’ll shut the fuck up for a while.


 –jimmy (Beer City)