HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH: Show Us the Meaning of Haste: CD

Nov 22, 2009

I saw this amazing band play in SoCal sometime last year and I was truly impressed. Made me buy a record of theirs right on the spot. They are what is currently termed fastcore, but I find that limiting. These guys from Boise know how to play it fast, hard, and tight. When they need to slow it down, they play it dirty with the best of them, as shown in their closing song “Panocide,” which clocks in at 11:18. The rest of this twenty-two track beast doesn’t even come close to the three minute mark, with the majority at a minute and a half. How many adjectives can I use to describe this? Raging? Blazing? Fierce? Bomblast-ic? Faster than urine coming out after a forty-ounce? What I do know is, if speed in your music is your thing, this should quench the palate.

 –don (To Live A Lie)

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