HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH: Show Us the Meaning of Haste: LP

Nov 22, 2009

Like landscape painting and wine tastings, I guess I can respect the artfulness of Hummingbird Of Death without necessarily enjoying what they do. Sometimes they’re throwing out spastic, million miles an hour grindcore and sometimes they slow it down to a slow, gripping hardcore pace with a nice, doomy spritzer. They’ve got the requisite two-singer attack (one deep, growly guy and one deeper and growlier guy) and some topical lyrics, especially for the genre. Weird tattoo flash-inspired cover. Like I said, not my bag, but they’re most certainly tackling these songs with precision—the band’s tight as hell. Fans of the Six Weeks and Sound Pollution rosters could do much worse than checking these guys out.

 –keith (Cowabunga)

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