Humanifesto: Treading ground musically along the lines of Good Riddance and Boy Sets Fire, but not nearly as tight as either of those bands. The lyrics have a social awareness like the above two bands and later Fifteen material. I Am The Cartographer: Remember Fiddler on the Roof? Good. [clearing my throat] Map maker, map maker make me a map, find me a… Sorry. Okay, the band… Lyrically, they have the same kinda thing goin’ on as Humanifesto. Not bad. Musically, they are like a poppy HWM and gravely vocals sometimes hitting like early Fifteen-era Jeff Ott, but not quite there on either count. The second track is acoustic, and it probably would’ve worked better as a track with the full band. Overall: Neither band is suck territory; however, this release sounds premature.

 –Vincent (Hip Kid)