HUMAN THERAPY: American Dream: 7” EP

Nov 21, 2014

Nice to see a repress of this band’s first EP, in this case included with the latest issue of the ever-awesome Artcore fanzine. Originally released by Dr. Dream Records in 1983, this is one of those obscure gems from a band that likewise gets lost in the shuffle with many of their Inland Empire peers when folks get to talking about L.A./Southern California punk. The sound is a bit quirkier than one might expect given its origins, a sorta cross between suburb-core and artier new wave, which puts a pleasant kink in their ‘core, and in the case of “No More,” a tune that should’ve gotten more radio play than it did. Tacked on for good measure is their track from the Barricaded Suspects comp and the A-side of their second seven-inch, and Welly has been gracious enough to include some pics and additional information in the packaging to give the release and the band some historical perspective. Nice to see this is available again.

 –jimmy (Artcore,

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