HUKEDICHT: United Horror of Rock N’ Roll: CD

Jun 16, 2008

It’s sitting at the tip of my tongue of what band this reminds me of. It just eludes me like a job I actually enjoy. Well, I can tell you one thing: this is some kick ass garage punk from Switzerland. They bang with conviction while they carry out playing some fine melodies. They also speed things up at points to make you feel like you are flying down the road ignoring all caution. I thought this was going to be another horror rock band mimicking the Misfits. Putting them up against the modern day Misfits, these guys would embarrass them into quitting music. They have the knack of writing a catchy tune. Included in the packaging is a thin piece of steel to make having this package sent to you cost more in postage. That is sure nice of them!

 –don (Earforce)