Sep 18, 2013

A reissue of this venerable Ft. Worth band’s sole solo wax release (their track on the Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death comp and other assorted comps and bootlegs notwithstanding), originally released in 1981, and again available in all its gritty glory. Those lookin’ for something akin to the musically learned, well produced pap that seemingly assembly lines its way out in droves these days will be immediately put off by the first note of the first song, “Zyklon B,” these kids (word is they were maxing out at the ripe ol’ age of sixteen when this was recorded) serve up here. You’ll find the shit’s raw, sloppy, and utterly brilliant if you hunker down and just let it sink its teeth into you and, yes, you will go back for seconds. And thirds. As is the way with these reissue-type thangs, this is limited to five hundred copies, so start scrambling.

 –jimmy (Cheap Rewards,