Sep 18, 2013

Pardon the genealogy and history lesson. It’s a good record, instantly likeable. Bouncy. Pop-informed without inflicting musical diabetes. Huff Stuff Magazine sound like if Tenement grew up in Oakland in the late ‘90s and shared a house, or at least a practice space, with Bent Outta Shape. Definitely not what Tommy Deadbeat’s been concentrating his efforts on lately (a lot of high quality, high-revving garage releases), but don’t forget that Tommy cut his teeth on his Viva La Vinyl! comps. The first one in 1994 featured Tilt, J Church, Sicko, Bouncing Souls. So, it’s not too surprising that Huff Stuff Magazine sounds like the upper tier of Lookout! before it turned its back on pop punk and bet the farm—and lost—on The Donnas ($40,000 music videos with a tiger) and boring nonsense like The Oranges Band. (Punk empires fall at the sound of unpaid royalties. It’s an old tune.) Engaging and sloppy-tight, Sugar Mountain, takes its name from where it was recorded, Hammy’s (Fleshies, Pigs) studio. Features Barker of Ringers (RIP) and Neon Piss (RIP).

 –todd (Deadbeat, [email protected])