Jan 19, 2016

I feel like if Ian Curtis was still alive and well, he’d be in a band that sounds like this. But more so if Ian Curtis found happiness, or at least discovered a way to curb his depression. It leans heavy on the Joy Division influence, on more of an upbeat, rock’n’roll tip. Right about now I’ve probably lost you. Just hear me out—things can be contradicting and coalescent at the same time. Vocally, I can hear Ian right there with Hue Blanc. Musically, it’s like an age progression from a sketch artist. Much like when the man is looking for someone years after an initial testimony and they have to guestimate what someone will look like later on in life, this is what I think Curtis lead post-punk would sound like today. Only swap the keys in for horns and less shoegazey than you might imagine. Though, for whatever reason, the band’s name is printed nowhere on this record and I was lead to believe they were called Stoning Josephine. The only indicators are “Produced by Hue Blanc” and “Everything else by the Joyless Ones.”

 –Kayla Greet (Certified PR,