HUDSON FALCONS: For Those Whose Hearts and Souls Are True: CD

Jan 02, 2002

Yeeeeh buddy, this is the ultimate in full-throttle punkrock’n’roll unruliness of the gritty and greasy working-class variety. It’s a ferocious and forceful sonic slam-banger of a disc that ruthlessly pounds its way into the skull and then furiously rattles around in the brain like an enraged swarm of hornets frenziedly circling their nest after a snotty lil’ kid just launched a perfectly aimed rock into it. Soon into my first lively listen, the Hudson Falcons convinced me that they come from the wrong side of the tracks, and they’re damn proud of it. They energetically unleash a smokin’ fast-as-fuck whirlwind of punkrock working-stiff sounds that express unrelenting deep-rooted rage toward the politically corrupt powers that be, corporate greed, inexcusable social injustices, and the tarnished unbalanced scales of America’s despicable class system which invariably always tilt in favor of the rich and powerful. These are spirited songs from the heart for the downtrodden, dejected, disillusioned, and impoverished – hard-workin’, hard-rockin’, hard-drinkin’ people like you and me.

 –Roger Moser Jr. (GMM)