HOWL: Self-titled: Cassette

Sep 19, 2013

The lead singer of Howl has a great voice, a ragged shout that owes as much to singers of Black Flag as it does youth crew bands. The rest of the band backs him up on vocals, but minimally, just enough to add a flourish here and there to the youthful lyrics. There’s a pleasant contrast between the roughness of their sound and the positivity of their message. The guitars are a crunchy, raw throwback to eighties hardcore possibly more suited to songs of a more pessimistic nature, but it actually really works with these songs of resistance and affirmation like “On Holding On” with its lyrics: “they deny our alienation/while we fight their indoctrination/we can(‘t) let it hold us apart/we gotta seek what can be shared/Find The Way.” Howl proves that current hardcore bands worth their salt are as awesome as they are rare.

 –Craven Rock (Common Thread, [email protected])