HOW DARE YOU: Comfort Road: CDEP

Mar 31, 2009

These guys sound like an extremely watered down version of Love Me Destroyer. The songcraft is very bro-ha (meaning the band devoted ninety-nine percent of the lyrical content to specific people and situations that relate only to themselves and their bros.) I’m not the band’s bro or hoe, so, sorry, I missed out when, “In ‘95 we had our first band, wailing on Stratocasters” as the lyrics to the song “Hecker” plaintively state. While bro-ha tunes are fine for family and high school reunions, they leave the rest of us in the dark. The album pulled out all the stops, literally, into a screeching halt by ending with the emo song, “No Remains.” This is a ballad-y tune musically arranged to include a piano. But what else was I supposed to expect from a band that describes themselves (on their MySpace page) as, “Four guys beaten down by humidity in the heart of Disneyworld.”? –N.L. Dewart

 –guest (Fail Safe)

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