Sep 30, 2008

Todd (Pott of Apocalypse Hoboken, Tongues, and The House That Gloria Vanderbilt) handed this to me and everyone else standing around one night after Tongues played. I was surprised that I liked it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all that skeptical, and I love the hell out of some Apocalypse Hoboken, but I’d seen them once before with high expectations that just weren’t met. But then, the more that I listened to it, the more it made sense: what truly bothered me during the set was gone while listening to the CD, allowing me to enjoy the rest. The female singer/guitar player was what killed it for me live. Everything about her (and this is all presumption since I’ve never seen her with the exception of those several minutes on stage) seemed so forced. Her demeanor (Bangles’ eyes, pouts, and movements) all seemed to have been decided after some time in front of a mirror. And, that made it painful to watch. Take that out and you’ve got something pretty darn interesting here. Todd has the shut-eyed, close-fisted drunken Tom Waits cross between a croon and wail down, which is then paired with the dank and dirge of the Starvations and the dirty rock of RFTC . It’s quite a thing to hear, if not necessarily to see. 

 –megan (self-released: