House Of Lightning is one of those bands that defy categorization. Certainly heavy, with a ton of low end that makes the room vibrate. You can feel every bass note moving across a wooden floor. There’s a thick guitar sound with razor-sharp distortion, but these guys are far from typical of metal, or hard rock, or whatever. House Of Lightning consists of members from Cavity, Floor, and Dove, and those bands weren’t typical either. Maybe it’s the vocals? Usually, for modern heavy bands, you have a singer who screams and yells, or growls and grunts in low tones. Here, the vocalists actually sing! Think of Om, but not in the chanting or prayer-like way the vocals from Om are delivered. There are also aspects of this that remind me of late ‘80s DC bands like Kingface and late period Scream. Complex song structures that change tempo on a dime, sometimes soaring, sometimes an intense workout. It’s as though they’ve run free jazz through a doom metal filter. Like I said, this is a band not easily pinned down. At the end of the day, it’s the music that counts, and not the niche. Something to listen to, give yourself over to, and zone out. 

 –M.Avrg (Fair Warning)