HOUSE OF BREAD: Superhuman Tomb: CD

Every time I get a batch of CDs to review for Razorcake, it usually means a handful of albums that either suck real bad or don’t do anything for me and then one album that sticks out. For this time around, House Of Bread’s Superhuman Tomb would be that album. Unfortunately, the band is the victim of a horrible name but does their best to make up for it with an album of synth-influenced swirling pop. The band is from Fort Wayne, Indiana (woo! home state represent!) and consists of just two guys but they make some fuzzy, delicious songs that are groovy and catchy and definitely pick up from the camp of Yo La Tengo (amongst others). There are some shoegazer elements as well; with affectionate vocals lying over some warm sonic landscapes and other times the music moves into a more keyboard-oriented approach. I can hear some Lassie Foundation and other times I hear something that reminds me of A Study In Her but there is always a focus on the guitar and that’s key to my appreciation. Even songs that might be seen as filler by some (“Our Green Plots”) leave me with a feeling of warmth that evoke so many memories I often associate with some of my favorite albums. If you’re into something that’s partially dreamy and partially ethereal but still rooted in some firm understanding of bands like My Bloody Valentine or Swervedriver, then check out Superhuman Tomb.

 –kurt ([email protected])