HOUSE BOAT: The Delaware Octopus: CD

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that House Boat are basically the Pinhead Gunpowder for the next generation of pop punk nerds: Four dudes from other notable bands of the genre (ranging from broken up to full-time active) coming together to make a record every once in a while, and play the occasional shows. While I love a lot of these bands (like Rivethead, Copyrights, Dear Landlord, etc), I personally find myself relating to Grath’s songs a little bit more, since they usually revolve around being unhappy about your temp job, and immediately falling head over heels over every girl you pass on the street. For the completely out of the loop, think if Off With Their Heads embraced the fact that they’re a pop punk band a lot more, and were less dramatic.

 –joe (It’s Alive)