HOUNDS OF HATE: Self-titled: LP

May 30, 2014

I’m a fussy bugger at times and it doesn’t take much for me to not like a band/record but equally there are moments when there is one redeeming quality that draws me in and without which I’d pass on a release. Fortunately for Hounds Of Hate, there was one thing that held my focus on the first few plays of this and that was having a vocalist who sounded like a young Colin Abrahall of G.B.H. I’m actually pleased I kept with it as with repeated plays I was able to discern more elements on this album that I enjoyed. The brand of straightedge hardcore touted by Hounds Of Hate contains all the usual traits, being primarily a two speed dominated attack—a slow chugga chugga along with a more deliberate mid-paced variety, although, for good measure, there are some breakneck bursts making cameo appearances to spice things up a bit. The band makes good use of these changes of speed and they are interspersed nicely throughout the songs so that no one track becomes overly reliant on any single approach, ensuring my interest doesn’t wane. The songs have a rough, mean hardcore sound delivered in a fairly no-frills way and although I’d prefer more of the faster moments, which also remind me of G.B.H., this is another instance in which my perseverance with a record is rewarded. My only gripe would be the muddled drums which take some of the snap away from the music. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Painkiller, [email protected], painkillerrecords.com)