HOUNDS OF HATE: No Redemption: 7”

This intentionally generic hardcore 7” is an attempt by members of current popular groups including Pissed Jeans and CREEM to make a recording reminiscent of the demos that used to prevail at late ‘80s hardcore shows. Having grown up in Buffalo, NY, I still have a stack of tapes I bought at shows in the early ‘90s, each of which is laden with a uniquely N.Y.H.C. lo-fi production quality. It wasn’t long before the raw 4-track fun of the prior decade was replaced with digital boringness. The songs here are pretty dumb, but I think that’s the point. It’s unclear if Hounds Of Hate are here to stay or if they’re a one-off semi-joke band, but they totally kick ass live. There’s no need for a download card as the entire 7” is available for free on the label’s website. Can the late ‘80s N.Y.H.C. sound be adequately replicated today? Apparently, it can. The shaven head cover art is a hoot, too. There’s no hate here, although maybe there’s a little hounding.

 –Art Ettinger (Katorga Works, katorgaworks.bigcartel.com)