Jul 24, 2013

Having personally tired of the whole street punk and American oi genres years ago, I was not particularly looking forward to listening to this. To be fair, a weird, five color cover and a back cover shot of the lads walking down some railroad tracks was not exactly setting my expectations very high. Imagine my joy then, when I popped this disc and it immediately began to kick my ass! What sets this CD apart from most efforts of this type is clearly the level of songwriting that these guys bring to the table. They do such a good job avoiding most of the clichéd subjects that most bands of this ilk tackle, I wonder why they choose to identify with the above-mentioned genres in the first place (and I mean that as a compliment). Most of the songs are pretty hooky and memorable and the band’s performance is energetic and believable. Perhaps with a bit of a drier mix and less reliance on the background gang vocals, this CD would have been pretty much perfect.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Skinflint, skinflintmusic.com)