Hot Water Music, Dave Hause, The Flatliners: 11-12-14, The Irenic, San Diego, CA by Cahnie Galletta

Dec 14, 2014

It was early, and I mean early. At this rate Hot Water Music was due to finish at 9:30 PM. 9:30! That’s crazy! I was so excited to be home early, since it was a Wednesday night. The show ended so early, by the way, because it was at a church. The Irenic is a church on Sunday and an all-ages venue through the week. It’s such a great chance for kids to check out huge bands that normally play bars.

It was my first time seeing all three bands on the lineup and I was pretty pumped. The Flatliners started the night with really fun energy. I couldn’t stop head-nodding for a second. Hearing “Monumental” live was so amazing and full of energy—a set full of feel-good music and music that just makes you feel.

Next on the bill was Dave Hause. At this point, I thought things were going to slow down a bit. Well, he came out guitars a-blazin’ accompanied by his brother Tim and they quickly roped me into their world. “Time Will Tell” was beefed up a little and played with great passion. I was hooked. One person in particular caught Dave’s attention and it made for great banter through the set. Owen—a kid maybe eleven or twelve—right up front was made the mascot for all of the youth. After consistent taunting, Owen did his first stage dive, which was, well…. really cool.

Finally, the moment that we all were there to experience: the culmination of twenty years of Hot Water Music on stage. They came out and started immediately pumping our veins with rock’n’roll. After twenty years, it was the same throaty vocals, heavy guitar, and even heavier lyrics that that I’ve come to love from these southern gentlemen.They rounded out the friendly rock’n’roll vibe of the night by just being themselves and giving everyone exactly what they came for and more.  What a treat to have Dave come back and sing “Trusty Chords”—it was a goosebumps moment. I can still feel the warmth over me as I write this. Having a fellow fan, Dave Hause, singing with the band made me feel like I was part of the reunion too. Judging by the rest of the crowd screaming in unison, I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. To complete the dream, they did “Simple Song” by Avail.

I just want to say thank you. Talk about heart pumping!

Most people who walk through church doors are hoping to find something, someone meaningful that can make their life feel better and not so meaningless. It’s amazing that a bunch of old and young punk rockers were able to legitimately find meaning inside those same doors and under those same stained glass windows on a Wednesday night in San Diego. Music helps people escape. It also helps people come to terms with their feelings and inner thoughts. That night, we had the best preachers we could’ve asked for. We found them in The Flatliners, Dave Hause, and Hot Water Music. Truly, this was a night that will live on in my memories forever.