HOT TODDIES, THE: Smell the Mitten: CD

Jan 29, 2008

I recently quit eating sugar which is no fun at all, but it allows me to get through my days without headaches and dizziness. What, I wondered, will fill the sugary void? Enter The Hot Toddies. I love all-girl bands. I love harmonies. I love 1950’s style drum beats and shoop-shoopy background vocals. And so it logically follows that I love The Hot Toddies. These girls play clever retro-pop with a punk sensibility. Their debut album is so sweet I almost don’t crave ice cream anymore. And a lot of their songs are about sex, which cuts the cuteness in a very enticing way. There are also songs about nerdy things like HTML and photosynthesis, so frankly, I don’t see how this could get much better. I even put the song “Motorscooter” on a mixed CD for my mom’s kindergarten class to dance to.

 –jennifer (Asian Man)