Jul 23, 2007

I like being confounded by music, yet enjoying it. It’s like a taste that escapes memory, but lurks on the sides of your tongue. Hot New Mexicans do what The Carrie Nations’ Be Still did (and still does) to me. Made me stop and think that indie rock’s just in weak hands, the crowns have been sent to the wrong addresses. Diapers are full. Hot New Mexicans validate the theory that I really wasn’t listening to latter Hüsker Dü wrong; that it wasn’t just getting slower and needed sleepier (and infinitely more boring) interpretations, but by adding layers, tension, and depth there can be more to listen to. Much like Superchunk, with Hot New Mexicans I hear punk rockers unafraid to stretch their musical tastes without completely smothering that initial, unmistakable fire. Wow, this is good stuff and it’s got pianos and “la, la, las” all without the usual attendant reek of hipsterism.

 –todd (Fast Crowd)