HOSTAGES: Legend in My Head, Failure to the World: 7"

Sep 30, 2008

The early 2000s saw some interesting trends emerge within the hardcore scene. Bands like Panic and American Nightmare made it fashionable to do away with typical hardcore sloganeering in favor of Morrissey and Ian Curtis-inspired personal gut spilling. This eventually led to the birth of the Makeoutclub online community where the ever-saddening avatars of sensitive hardcore kids worldwide could be found alongside their favorite bum-out quotes and song lyrics. Some anthropological experts (well, me) insist that it was this community of sad sacks that eventually led to the tight-panted, swept-black-hair, Hanoi Rocks version of “hardcore” that thrives today in whichever online –Space or –Book is currently driving the kids wild. To whoever’s interested, Hostages are keeping that flame alive, pretty much verbatim. 

 –Dave William (Burnbridges)