HOSPITALS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Aug 26, 2009

Finally! Someone jammed Doo Rag’s blues rock plug into Pussy Galore’s noise socket and it lights shit up like one of those fireworks accidents where everything blows up at once on the ground and the guy’s arm flies off and you’re sitting in the stands with a Bomb Pop in your mouth and everyone starts screaming and the guy behind you kicks your neck. The riff on “Friends” alone just beats me to death every time, and it only goes for like twenty seconds and it makes me feel the way I imagine it would have felt to have heard Led Zep or AC/DC for the first time when they were fresh, or, for that matter, the way I did feel when I first heard Black Flag (which, incidentally, I keep reading references to in others’ Hospitals reviews and I don’t hear it, musically, but the punch is there) or, unavoidably, Pussy Galore. Raw (I mean seriously raw), almost sub-rock, bashing gets hurled in all directions by two guys with a few drums and a guitar (and at least one Suicide record, whose “Rock and Roll is Killing My Life” is here) and if ever a record deserved the mantle “in the red”, this is it.

 –doug (In The Red)