HOSPITAL JOB: Never Get Cold: LP

Apr 29, 2016

In “Rainspell,” Erica Freas of RVIVR sings about the dirt inside our heads. It’s a metaphor for memory and the emotions that take root in that soil. Here in the foundation of Hospital Job, earworms are wriggling around and flourishing. It’s like they built a farm directly under the band. These songs are super catchy. They glint around your ears—flirting, and threatening to take hold of the granulars, inject their saccharine syrup, and make mud pies out of all that dirt. It’s posi-dance punk with enchanting melodies. The drums are clinky in a way that sounds like they come from a machine, but it helps to the raw sounds of this band. Lots of fuzz and distortion fill the musical crevices like a nourishing water. Vocally, there are two singers who weave together like vines on trellises and really exist well in a shared space. I’ve been meaning to check this band out for a while and am happy to cross it off my list. Real good stuff here. 

 –Kayla Greet (Rad Girlfriend, / It’s Alive,

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