HORROR SECTION: The Prowler: 7” EP

May 20, 2014

The band wrote five songs (one’s an instrumental) based on the 1981 dorm slasher, The Prowler, where a WWII vet murders his lover after getting a John Doe letter. Then, thirty-five years later, the vet recreates the murder by hunting down college cuties. On Horror Section’s EP of the same name, tracks like “Killer in the Dark” and “Directive Kill” recall the movie’s conflict using tight, steady pop riffs with the simultaneously catchy and hypnotically droning harmonies of The Methadones or early Alkaline Trio. Sonically not bad, but The Prowler doesn’t take off for me. On the screen, the nod and wink of a good horror movie helps to make the traumatization of young women tolerable, at least since in the final fifteen minutes, the persistent heroine usually chops the villain’s head off with a gnarly shovel or whatever. Uninspired lyrics like “Hey Pam, do you wanna go out / I’m dying to know what you’re all about” capture the level of ingenuity on The Prowler. In the end, you get four songs about a guy trying to kill a lady for dumping him, which even in the I’m-always-kidding one-dimensionality of goofball dudes is still weak. 

 –Jim Joyce (Eccentric Pop, eccentricpop.com)