Jun 22, 2007

I vaguely remember reviewing their last release and possibly not liking it. I could be wrong. I have reviewed so much stuff over the years, I can’t keep track of what I reviewed last issue. If I didn’t like the last one, I like this one. I know right away if I like a psychobilly release. If something sounds weird to me, like the way an acoustic bass is recorded, I over-focus on that and it drives me absolutely nuts. This one is recorded right and the bass doesn’t sound like someone is plucking at rubber bands. Right off the bat, I really dug the title song. Many of the tracks reminded of Siouxsie and the Banshees. I like that a lot of the songs veer away from the standard pychobilly mold, like the track “Me vs. You,” which is more of a straight-up rocker nuanced by the acoustic bass and the military drum roll style of the drummer. People outside of the psychobilly scene are really going to take notice of this one.

 –don (Hellcat)