Apr 29, 2016

This “group” out of Chicago does a great job of treading the line between pop punk and emo. I use the word “group” loosely as this really is a one man band. Tim Reynolds of Hospital Job not only wrote all the songs on this record but played every instrument, including back-up vocals to his own singing. On the first spin, Everybody Else was already an enjoyable record, but knowing now that this is essentially a one man band really elevates the production and songwriting for me. In the same way that a band like Jimmy Eat World delivers on both pop punk and emo sensibilities, Horrible Things come from both genres and merge into something altogether new. The guitar work is bright and fast, the drums are rapid-fire but not overbearing, and the bass is dirty and deep. It’s a more mature bubblegum punk with introspective lyrics tinged with just a bit of snottiness, palm muted breakdowns, and Iron Chic-like background “whoa-ohs.” A solid release overall. 

 –Kayla Greet (Secret Pennies, secretpennies.com)

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