Jan 31, 2008

You’ve got three of the Jack Palance Band with Iggy Scam on drums for a flash-in-the-pan Chattanooga band from 2002 that sounds like anything but. Tightly wound, desperate yet hopeful. Unmarked graves next to feelings of invincibility. Estranged but warm. Looking at rivers of piss, yet still throwing coins in and making a wish. Eric Nelson sounds like a drill sergeant and the entire band sounds like they’re operating eight limbs from the exact same brain. They’ve got that almost untraceable, magical quality that attaches bands like the Bananas, The Riverboat Gamblers, The Tim Version, and Tiltwheel to some unseen, unknown wellspring. No, those bands sound nothing alike, but if you like one, the odds are that you’ll like the others. It’s the spirit’s what I’m talking about. Basement and back yard shows. Duct tape and cheap beer economics rarely sounds this great. A DIY punk checkmate.

 –todd (Onion Flavored)