HOREHOUNDS, THE: Rock Out with the Horehounds: CD

The occasional bits and pieces that scream CRAZY STEVIE BAISE! CRAZY STEVIE BAISE! (a la “Rocknroll Tonight”) might indeed take the some of the edge off your D. Dogs/V. Kings jones for a while, but on the whole it sounds like a pretty non-stupendous, occasionally faltering mish-mosh of the Candy Snatchers, Nobodys, and Loose Lips, and if you quantitatively measured how much worse the Devil Dogs’ Stereodrive! CD sounded than the Choad Blast! EP, and then subtracted that scalar value from Stereodrive!, that’s pretty much how it sounds, sonically, maybe. Contains a really stupid song about America imaginatively titled “Love It Or Leave It,” which, for most Americans, is not a viable option so long as a 40 oz. bottle of Black Label costs $4.49 in Canada. BEST SONG: “Rocknroll Tonight” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Ex-Sex Thing (Is The Next Best Thing)” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Contains a song called “The End of the Ramones” which is NOT the Mr. T Experience song (ironic because Colorado’s La-Donnas once released a modified version of that song titled “End of the Devil Dogs”). Lame.

 –norb (Wankin’ Stiphs)