HOOPLES, THE: Live at Maguire’s Hill 16: CDEP

Jun 22, 2007

What the hell? I know that one of the great things about modern technology is that it has made DIY all the easier, but still… you could at least hand-paint some sort of art in your packaging rather than writing the band’s name and title on a burned CD with a magic marker… All that aside, for a live recording, it sounds pretty good (another neat improvement that technology has given us). The songs are sort of good and sort of not, though. At a technical level, there appears to be nothing wrong with them—mid-tempo punk’n’roll that isn’t flashy but relies on a common repertoire of riffs and hooks. The record did have my toes tapping at times, but overall the proper word to describe this record is “workmanlike.”

 –Eric Carlson (Burn These)